In the winter of 1976, I recorded a live show of the original Stir Crazy acoustic duo (just Art Wozniak and Gene Ryan, no backup players) at the Edgewater on the Esplanade in Capitola. They did four sets that night, which equals about three hours of music. Below are the best cuts from that show - just a little over one hour's worth. They're listed in the same order they were played that night.





1. I Am Free - (Wozniak/Ryan) - 4:43 9. Ode to Don Juan (Wozniak) 4:15
2. Country Mama (Barbie Doll Hair) (Wozniak) 3:07 10. Cyndie's Song (Wozniak) 5:19
3. Horse with No Name (Bunnel) 5:04 11. Mexico (J.D. Souther) 4:25
4. Redneck Friend (Browne) 4:41 12. Runaway (Allen) 2:46
5. Sister Goldenhair (Beckley) 3:18 13. Do You Believe In Magic (Sebastian) 2:42
6. Riding Along In My Chevrolet (Wozniak/Ryan) 3:07 14. The Weight (J.R. Robertson) 7:09
7. Nickles and Beer (Wozniak) 15. I Need You Here (Wozniak) 3:46
8. Me and Julio (Simon) 2:43 16. San Antone (Kirby/Martin) 5:07

Stir Crazy really was a good band.