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Discrimination in Any Form is Wrong

I-200 would correct basic inequities in laws

Power Play on The Waterfront *

Nation Held Hostage By Shipping Lines

Partisan Blood-lust

The Clinton Impeachment on

When Is A Cop Not A Cop?

Fashion Police In Tacoma

Las Vegas On-the-Sound


Gambling with our future?

Library Wars

The Final Chapter?

New Narrows Bridge

Yes Vote a Solution to SR 16's Traffic Woes?

You Get What You Pay For

Teacher Pay Raises

Union-Busting In Tacoma

Library Board Moves Boldly into the 18th Century

* Published in the Portland Oregonian, October 4, 2002.



Kaiser Strike Enters Eighth Month

Strikers still confident

Sex Discrimination Investigator Sues City

Charges Pattern of Discrimination Against Women

Gambling In Tacoma

City Considers Zoning Changes

Mini-Casino Proposed for Downtown

Neighbors Vow Opposition

Picket Lines At Kaiser Aluminum

United Steelworkers On Strike

Success At Salishan

Growing Up In The Projects

Tacoma Library Labor Strife

The Saga Continues

Taxi Cab Terror

Cab Drivers Ponder Their Chances

Effect of the Lockout at Pier 4

A statement written by Pellegrini and used by the ILWU in court against the PMA, following the west coast longshore lockout in the fall of 2002. Published on the Local 23 website.