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Michael Pellegrini's new novel is called ACTS OF LOVE - a contemporary black comedy set in a taxi company.

BlackTop Cab is a refuge for the unemployable. It's a dumping ground for the misbegotten, the fringe elements that can't find a job anywhere else.

Mack Campner and Marty Medina are drivers at the dilapidated taxi company. While drinking one morning after work, Mack and Marty and their friends all decide to help out their favorite dispatcher, Ed Carnahan, who just broke up with his girlfriend.

The boys' plan is very simple. The best way to help someone get over a woman, they figure, is to get him another woman. Using this logic, the drivers pool their money, deciding to buy Carnahan a beautiful hooker for the night.

The book follows the exploits of the drivers in their misguided quest to help their friend.


Michael Pellegrini also writes short stories.

In a short story he wrote called, The Beginning, a man and a woman are thrust together by a stray chance and as a result, they finally resolve old differences that kept them apart - all which were caused by a simple misunderstanding.

Pellegrini also wrote a short story called, The Kiss. The story takes place in New Zealand, in the late sixties, and is about a teenage couple's awkward first kiss.

In his most recent short story, Dream Until Your Dream Comes True, Marty Medina is on a date with one of the BlackTop dispatchers, Linda Mueller, when it's revealed that Marty once nearly made it big in the music business. At a rock concert on their second date, Marty confronts some old friends - with surprising results.

Pellegrini is presently looking for a literary agent to represent him. 


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